Proper skills and management training is one of the most efficient ways to reduce marine operational risks.

We have vast experience in talent management which includes setting up and implementing procedures and systems, as well as administering and measuring efficiency.

We can customize a skills and management system for you, fulfilling all of the industry requirements and guidelines, such as OCMIF’s TMSA.

Our efficient management of talent are as follows
Identification of the skills requirements for each position. This includes what a person should know and what skills (including leadership) the person should have to be successful in a specific position.

To set up a system which measures the actual skills of your current staff. This is done through extended appraisal reports by superiors, and tests may also be used. Our system measures both the fulfilment of requirements of the current position and the next higher position. In this way you can be sure that talent is developed and available for promotion.

When both the required and actual skills have been mapped, then you can, through our system, identify the gaps and areas where improvements are necessary.

A skills gap does not always have to be closed by expensive external training. In most cases it is sufficient to let a person know where they need to change and improve. In many cases, only small corrections have to be made which can be easily accomplished through mentoring by superior officers on board.

Our system also measures the efficiency of training and other actions taken to ensure your investment in talent development is spent in the most efficient way.