In 2015 Majan Marine Services renamed and registered as “MAJAN SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD.” with approved RPSL (Recruitment & Placement Service Licence) No. “MUM - 356”. The company now focusing mainly on the following Ship Management activities:

1. Crew Management
2. Technical Management.
3. Shipping Logistics
4. Training and competence management
5. Accounting & Payroll
6. Audit and Vessels inspections

After being in the shipping industry with most reputed and largest ship management companies for over 4 decades, we have built a very close relation & contacts and created a pool of well-educated, experienced and Matrix compliant officers from India and Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar).
Together with our associates in the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Russia – not only, full complement of Indian but we are also able to offer our principals a full crewing package with mixed Nationality of crew from Eastern Europeans, Filipinos and Indian sub-continent.
There are many ship owners and managers have been struggling to find a reliable crewing agency that could cater to such mix nationality as and when required to control their manning difficulties and budget.
We are totally committed to meeting owners’ requirements and focused on client satisfaction.
Our principals may also benefit from our full crew management solutions by which we take care of the full crew management of entire fleet of vessels on a cost or fixed lump sum basis for the budget year.
If you would like to know more about MAJAN SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD., please contact Capt. Swapan Paul by e-mail at: swapan.paul@majanships.com / capt.swapan.paul@gmail.com”, Skype:capt.swapan.paul or by phone: +91 9820344918.

1. Complete Fleet personnel management of a vessel
2. Rotational planning of ship staff.
3. Accounting & Allotments
4. Union agreement
5. On leave Training Services
6. Maintaining of computer based database.
7. Round the clock assistance to Seafarers and their Families, even while on leave.
8. Pre-joining briefing/debriefing and scrutinizing of certificates and qualifications.
9. Providing Riding squads for various special nature up gradations.
10. Audit Inspections including pre-vetting inspections on board.
11. Implementation, Maintenance and training of Planned Maintenance Systems
12. Implementation-Monitoring-training of quality & safety systems as required by owners

To define our policy: In MSM we appreciate the fact that it is the seafarers on board the vessels, who are protectors of the Ship Owner’s asset, Owners interests, run their ships, sacrifices life. Today we are ashore, because the seafarers have sacrificed to be on ships. Hence, it is imperative that we strengthen our relation and create a strong bonding with all our seafarers.