MAJAN SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD., was established at Mumbai in January 1993 under the dynamic leadership of Capt. Swapan Paul. Name of the company was then, “MAJAN MARINE SERVICES” having its branch at Alang (Bhavnagar), Gujarat. After commanding various types of ships including VLCC & ULCC, Capt. Paul came ashore in 1992 with a strong business strategy and ties with various foreign ship owners, Managers, Financers, Buyers, S&P Broking houses at UK, GREECE, HK etc

After running the company for about 9 years, in order to gain more experience/knowledge in ship management & to further expand his global contacts, Capt. Paul then joined two largest ship management companies at the senior positions and served them over 14 years.

In 2015 Majan Marine Services renamed and registered as “MAJAN SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD.” with approved RPSL (Recruitment & Placement Service Licence) No. “MUM - 356”. The company now focusing mainly on the following Ship Management activities:

1. Crew Management
2. Technical Management.
3. Shipping Logistics
4. Training and competence management
5. Accounting & Payroll
6. Audit and Vessels inspections