Understanding the Primary objective of an audit & Inspection, we ensure

Full compliance with ISM, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISGOTT, SIGTTO
OCIMF and ICS publications leading to safe ship operations at all times in line with STCW 2010 requirements.
Safety Navigational Audit of Gas Carriers & Oil Tankers
Pre-vetting inspection.
SIRE inspection
Damage & Pollution investigations on behalf of ship operators.
Training Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Implementing systems on New Buildings, Yard deliveries, Ships    change of management etc.
      (i) The Vessel’s performance at the time of inspection,
      (ii) Safety of Personnel,
      (iii) Safety of Ship,
      (iv) Safety of Cargo
      (v) Safety of Environment.

The vessel’s readiness at all times for such audits and inspections by SIRE/Terminal/Port State Control and ensures continuous and steadfast business benefitting the owners, charterers, operators and the ship’s staff.